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Cambridge Culinary Online Academy invites you to join us as we bring our Chef Instructors directly into your kitchen. 

With CSCA’s Online Academy you’ll be able to learn at your own pace - on your own schedule.  Watch, re-watch, learn and re-learn, practice and put it all into action, in your own home! 

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"I bought this as a present for my daughter, we had the best time! Highly recommend! Chef Jared was awesome. Met some great people and the food was amazing. My college student daughter said it was one of her best times ever! Highly recommend!!!!"

Gina Joubert

"Amazing staff and wonderful experience!"

Edinho Olivero

"I can't recommend them enough. I started out as someone who didn't enjoy cooking and was generally pretty terrible at it. By the end, my confidence in preparing, cooking, and yes, eating food, has skyrocketed. So regardless of your skill or interest in the kitchen, this class is a small investment that will pay dividends for the tens of thousands of meals you'll eat for the rest of your life."

Michael Brown

"The Chef Instructor was great! I’m ready to sign up for another class!"

Steven Solomon

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